James Maslow, Fan Fiction

(I want to try something new and I wrote in first person!)

Part 1:

I work with Big Time Rush on set and on tour.  All five of us are around the same age. I get along with most of them but James. He’s just so cocky and whenever I’m around he would start flirting with me. After working with them for a long time it got really annoying to me. I’m their assistant too, so I have to give them anything they want, like coffee, snacks, or anything else.

One day we were on set filming for season four and James calls me to get him some coffee. When I get to his dressing room he was already sipping on a cup. I was so feed up with him. I started yelling at him, “What the hell! You just told me to get you a cup! And now you’re sipping on one! What the hell is your problem? You know that Kendall and I have to get lunch together, but I’m late because of you! Damn it James, why do you have to be such ass!” The whole time I was yelling at him he was just giving me a devilish smile.

When I was done yelling James got up and kissed me right on the lips. “Sorry babe.” He said. He then walks out of his dressing room. I was just standing there as James walks away. I was in total shock. Kendall called me and that snapped me out.

“Where are you? I thought we were gonna get lunch.” Kendall said curiously. I answer him back, “Oh I’m on my way to your dressing room right now. I have to tell you what just happened.”

I get to Kendall’s dressing room and he already got lunch for the both of us. Out of all the guys Kendall is probably the one I have the best relationship with. When we were eating Kendall asks me, “So what happened?”

I got up to close the door and told him, “James kissed me.”

Kendall had a shocked look on his face, because he knows that I find James annoying. “But I thought you hate him?” he said.

“I do! He just got up and kissed me and walked away. What the hell does that mean Kendall?” I ask him. I was so furious, because it makes no sense to me.

Just then Logan and Carlos come in and took a seat. “So what are we doing here?” Logan asks.

Kendall looks at me and I sighed and told Carlos and Logan what just happened. “Why do you even care?” Carlos asked.

There was a moment of silence, until all three of the guys looked up at each other and then me. They were staring at me like fan girls. It was pretty funny.

I chuckled, “What?”

“Omg you like him! Don’t you!” Kendall said.

I gasped in shock, “What! No! You guys know I hate him, even though his has a body of a goddess and a voice of an angle.” I sighed after words.

All three of their jaws dropped. “Omg! You do!” Carlos screamed.

I started blushing and smiling. Just then James opened the door. “Hey you guys we’re needed on set. Oh hey there baby.” The other three were just sitting there smiling at me, when I just sat there continuing to eat my lunch while blushing.

James was just standing by the door, when the other three were still looking at me. I was getting pretty annoyed so I said, “Don’t you guys need to be on set now?”

That snapped the guys out. They got up and left. I finished my lunch and went over to the set to check things out.

When I got on set all three of the guys turned to me and started smiling really big. I smiled and shook my head and mouthed, “No.”

After that they started filming. I just stood in the back with the camera crew watching. It was so different from watching an episode on TV, because there are no sound effects and things like that.

When the guys were still filming I went over to the snack table. I spotted a muffin earlier, but there was one more left by the time I got to the table someone else had already taken it. I turned around to find James holding a muffin. “I got you one before they ran out.” he said. I took the muffin and started blushing again, “Thanks.” I said trying to look like I was annoyed.

I was really surprised, he was being really sweet. He wasn’t using any of the nicknames he calls me, like babe or baby.  

He was still standing there smiling. I smiled and walked away to find the other three. I couldn’t help but smile really big. I grabbed Logan’s arm and ran to his dressing room, where the other two followed and I was still holding the muffin in my other hand.

“Omg you guys he’s being super sweet! What the hell is going on?” I said. “Uhh he likes you do know that? And ever since Halston and he broke up he saw an opportunity to try to get on your good side so he can ask you out.” Logan said.

I was so confused. I see James basically every day of the week and I didn’t know him and Halston broke up.

“When the hell did they break up?” I asked wondering. Then the guys had a confused face and looked at each other. “Last week. He wouldn’t kiss you if he was still with her.” Kendall said.

“Why did they break up?” I asked. “I was promised not to tell anyone. Sorry you guys.” Carlos said.

“Ugh if he won’t tell me why he’s being so nice to me? I‘ll just ask him!” I yelled.

I stormed out of Logan’s dressing room and into James. I opened the door where I found Halston and James making out. They stopped when they saw me. “Hi (Your Name).” Haslton said. “Sorry. I was just about to leave. Sorry again.” I stammered.

I walked back to Logan’s dressing room. All the guys stopped what they were doing when they saw my face. I wasn’t sad or angry I was just so confused. “What happened?” Kendall asked.

I turned to Carlos, “Did you know?” I asked him.

He was confused too, “Know about what?”

“That James and Halston are still goofing off together.” I told them.

Carlos had his arms out and I went in for a hug. I just laid my head on his shoulder as he held me. I whispered into Carlos’s ear, “This is just one thing I hate about him.”

The following day we all acted like nothing happened. The guys just finished shooting a part and James left his phone on the table. I sighed and picked it up and went to go bring it back to him in his dressing room. I knocked on his door first just in case. He opened it and I said, “Hey asshole you left your phone on the table back there.” I call him asshole; it’s basically his nickname for him that I came up with when he started calling me babe. When I reached into my pocket to get his phone it started ringing. It was Halston. “Thanks babe.” He said. He then answered his phone started talking to Halston. I just rolled my eyes and went to Carlos’s dressing room.

I went to his room, because I feel like Carlos has more answers for me than the other two guys. “Hey Carlos, do you have time to talk?” “Yeah, what’s up?” he asked. I took a seat on his couch right next to him.

"Well you guys said he likes me? Is that even true?" I asked.

"Yeah, just look at you who wouldn’t like you. You’re awesome." He said.

"Then why is he still talking to Halston?" I asked.

Carlos sighed, “I hate seeing you so confused. I promised James I wouldn’t tell anyone especially you, but the reason why they broke up is because Halston was feed up with him flirting with you.”

My jaw dropped, “She’s jealous of me? I don’t have that model figure or have been on a TV show.” I said out loud laughing.

I was pretty stoked that a really pretty girl is jealous of me. I didn’t feel any of the emotions I did before I just felt on top. Who cares that James likes me, Halston is jealous of me!