Logan Henderson, Fan Fiction

Part 10:

The first day of their tour and the first day of you and Logan’s relationship. Everyone is happy. The boys went to rehearse for the show, so Ranel gives you a backstage pass so you can go around the venue.

You went to go walk outside the venue, since Logan is practicing for the show. You found a small group of fans and they were so excited for the concert and how they want to meet the guys so badly. You remember how wanting to get the boys’s attention during a concert. Now you do have their attention. The girls were really nice to you. One of the girls noticed your pass asked you how you got it. All you told them was, “I got connection girls.” Once you told them that your phone vibrated it was Logan and he texted you saying that he’s done rehearsing and he will be free as soon as he and the guys finish a quick interview. You say goodbye to the lovely girls and went back to go look for the guys. 

You found them and they were right in a middle of a interview. You just watch the boys answer questions at the side.  One of the question was one of the most frequented questions they get. “Are you guys single?” You make eye contact with Logan and he’s smiling right you. Two out four of the boys said they were in a relationship.  Logan was one of 1/2 who said that they are in a relationship. The interviewer looked surprised. 

Interviewer: Really? Wow Logan, who’s the special girl? 

Logan looks right at you and tells the interviewer. “I’m with this lovely girl. She’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.” 

Interviewer: She sounds fantastic. Is she here today? 

Logan still looking at you and smiling and points at you. You blush. And you wave at his direction all blushing with happiness. 

Interviewer: She’s really pretty. 

Logan: I know she’s always on my mind. 

After the interview, Logan walks up to you all shyly his hand in his pocket biting his lower lips. You looking at him makes you bite your lower lip while giving him some flirty eyes too. 

Logan: Hi.

You: Hey. Are you free right now?

Logan: For you? Anytime.

You give him a quick, but sweet peck on the lips and smile. You and him went walking around the venue holding hands and talking about how the day is going for you two.

You: Well my day has been pretty cool. I’ve met some girls that adore Big Time Rush.

Logan: That’s cool! Do they got V.I.Ps?

You: No. They said they been waiting outside the venue to try to meet at least one of you guys.

Logan: Let’s go meet some fans then. I got 10 minutes before the meet and greets start.

You were surprised that he wanted to meet some of his fans. You have tried to meet them several times without V.I.P passes and never got to meet them.

You and Logan went outside to find the same group of girls trying to meet Big Time Rush. The girls were talking trying to make up a plan. One girl said, “We can try sneaking in from the back.” You and Logan sneaked up on them when all of them were facing the opposite way. Logan taps the girl with the plan on the back and said,

Logan: That would never work.

The girls turned around to find Logan Henderson. The girls tried to act as calm as they can. They took pictures with him and got his autograph. There was only 3 girls. The youngest looking one asked for you to be in one of their photos. You ask why. She said, “You’re the one that got him out here right to meet us right?” You smile and nod yes. You and Logan took pictures with them.

Logan: Do you guys want to meet the other guys?

All three of the girls looked at each other shocked. They all nod their head yes. They couldn’t stop smiling. Logan leads them inside the venue where the meet and greet was about to start and a bunch of other fans are waiting to meet the guys. Logan goes up to Ranel.

Logan: These three lovely girls are friends of mind. There here for the meet and greet so just let them in.

Ranel nods with approval and the girls get in line with the other fans so sike to meet the other boys.

You: That was sweet of you.

You give Logan a kiss. You guys had to break since he had to go and do the meet and greet. He looks a bit sad not wanting to leave you. You give him a small smile showing him that you would be fine and you would wait for him. 

When Logan went to do the meet and greet you waited backstage. You can see the boys from where you were standing backstage. Lot of girls, like a lot. Hugged your boyfriend. And even some lucky ones got to kiss him on the cheek. It didn’t bother you as much as it did the other time, because now you know his heart belongs to you and only you.

After the meet and greet the boys had about two hours until the concert start. For the two hours they had they all did something different. Carlos took a power nap. Kendall played with his guitar. James played with Fox. Logan spent his time with you.

You and Logan just chilled in his dressing room. Talking about the most randomness things. You guys would joke about the most stupidest things. Kiss at the most perfect moments.

The two hours were up so the boys went to go and perform. You can tell that all the boys are so pumped up. You give Logan a kiss on the cheek.

You: Good luck.

He starts to blush a bit. The other boys look at you smiling all adorably.

Kendall: How about some good luck for me to?

You roll your eyes and chuckle. You give Kendall a kiss on the cheek.

Carlos: Me too?

You smile and give Carlos a kiss on the cheek.

James: How about me?

You chuckle at the way he said it and kissed his cheek too. Logan looks at James joking around with him and said.

Logan: What was that? You have a girlfriend!

James: Don’t you want all of us to have good luck tonight Logan?

The guys start to laugh and you do too. The guys went serious as they had to go on stage. As Logan goes on stage he turns around and winks at you. You smile and watch their concert from behind.

You danced and singed along to their beautiful music. When dancing to Superstar, feeling like no one was watching you find Logan looking and smiling at your goofy dance moves. You stop dancing and starting to giggle which makes him smile even more. 

During the song Worldwide you felt a bit guiltily. The last time you heard the song live a girl lip locked with Logan, which caused you to go make out with Zayn Malik. You start to think if Logan felt a bit guiltily too.

But this time Kendall picked a younger fan. Which made everything the boys do with the girl much cuter. You had no fear of this fan kissing Logan.

After the best concert you ever went to, you waited for Logan to finish dressing into not sweaty clothes. You find Logan dressed in clean clothes later on after spending time with James and Fox. He goes up to you and kisses you sweetly on the lips. You guys walk to the tour bus holding hand, your head on his shoulder smiling up at him when he smiles down at you.

Let’s just say everything is the way you always pictured it. You with Logan.